Here at Wake and Surf, we love this board. The Spinera Light is the perfect stand up paddleboard package for anyone looking to progress their stand up paddleboarding. Coming with everything you need to get out on the water and have a load of fun. The 11'2" is perfect for any rider up to 110kg making it incredibly versatile for letting the whole family and your friends have a go. Using ultralight double layer drop stitched material you know this paddleboard will last for years to come as well as being very lightweight for easy transportation and effortless paddling. Thanks to the shape of this paddleboard and the twin rear fin it is perfect for long-distance paddleboard trips as it tracks glides through the water effortlessly. The 15cm depth stops the paddleboard from bending underneath your feet, This bend in the board will create a lot of drag making it very hard to paddle. This is not the case with the Spinera Light even if you are towards the top of the weight range. Looking for a versatile stand-up paddleboard that won't break the bank and is great for those longer distance tours definitely try the Spinera Light paddleboard.


Dimensions: 11´2 ”x33.3” - 340cm x 84.5cm
weight: up to 110 kg

  • Production: 15 cm ULT - Ultra Light Technology drop stitch material
  • Pressed EVA foam surface with diamond cut
  • 4 -Point bungee leash at the front
  • 4-point D-rings at the back for attaching the Soft Top Case 


  • Sup Board
  • Compact backpack / 600D polyester
  • performance double stroke pump
  • 3-way adjustable classic aluminium paddle
  • 2 large fins
  • Repair kit without glue
  • Leash

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