The Spinera electric pump is the must have SUP accessory. It come with multiple adaptors to attach to any inflatable you can think of including paddleboards, kayaks, Ringo's, tubes, tents, airbeds and soo much more. Easily plugged into your cars 12v charging slot for easy pumping. Save your energy for when you're actually out on the water with the Spinera electric pumps.

  • 2-way air pump:
  • Quick filling
  • High pressure
  • Material: ABS + PA
  • Voltage: DC 12V
  • Max pressure: 20PSI
  • Accessories: Cable: 3M, a hose 100cm with a nozzle Air
  • Flow: 70 l / min
  • Product size: 23x14x12cm
  • Advantage: Set the PSI first then the pump stops automatically when it has reached the set pressure.
  • Function: High pressure pump for inflating tents, boats, SUPs, etc.
  • 5 different valve adapters are included in the box
  • Inflation time 10'10" Sup 15cm:
  • for 10 PSI - approx. 10 minutes
  • for 15 PSI - approx. 15 minutes
  • + approx. 1 minute for each additional PSI
  • for 20 PSI - approx. 20 minutes

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